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Plant and Rainwise Information!

If you’ve ever wondered what might be great low maintenance plants for your garden, here are a few links: Are you thinking about rainwater management? Rainwise is a great place to start: GreenStormwaterInfrastructure/ResidentialRainwiseProgram/index.htm  

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Three hour design consultation!

Live-work-play likes to help people with their design conundrums, no matter how big or small. Do you have a lot of little projects that you would like some design help and opinions on? You are perhaps thinking that an architect or designer is out of reach for your scope? Look no further—–we offer an affordable […]

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Backyard cottages are now allowed throughout Seattle!

Often people think of these cottages as carriage houses or converted garages. And, they just might be that. Or they might be built from scratch. As parents age or adult children need a place to live nearby, we look for more and more innovative housing. Rental income to supplement the house payment also helps. The […]

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