Three hour design consultation!

Live-work-play likes to help people with their design conundrums, no matter how big or small. Do you have a lot of little projects that you would like some design help and opinions on? You are perhaps thinking that an architect or designer is out of reach for your scope? Look no further—–we offer an affordable three hour design brainstorming consultation that can help!!!!!

First, make a list of your ideas and questions, and put it in priority order. Then give us a call, and we’ll chat a few minutes to make sure this is the right scope for an afternoon consultation. If it is, we’ll set up a time to meet and away we go!

Topics of previous afternoon consultations: tile choices and design; paint color suggestions; ideas for future projects; making sure work now won’t interfere with work later; cabinet and storage ideas; whether to use a skylight or solatube; lighting ideas…..just to name a few.

Give us a call, we’re glad to talk with you. Just mention that you are interested in brainstorming.


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