Fall into DADU this fall! Come to our ‘Designing Backyard Cottages’ class at the Phinney Center, September 21, 7-9pm

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about creating a DADU in your backyard! You’re invited to come learn more with Sheri Newbold, Seattle’s DADU Guru, at our Designing Backyard Cottages class at the Phinney Neighborhood Community Center (Room #3) on Thursday, September 21st, from 7pm – 9pm.

Register here to attend this expanded class covering the why, what, which, where and how of building a DADU.


Are your neighbors interested in DADU’s too? Does it make sense to collaborate with your neighbors to create an economy of scale? Bring them along.

Even more–what about changes to the Seattle Land Use code? What’s happening now?

Bring your address, property dimensions and if possible your sewer card. We will talk about as people’s property as we have time for. See you there!

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