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Up, Down, or Out?

Did you just buy a new home? Or have you lived in your current home for a while? Perhaps you’re experiencing some life changes and realize you need additional space or reconfiguration of your current space.  What should you do? Live-work-play suggests you go out, down or up! The decision lies not only on your [...]

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Spring – a Time to Re-think/Re-purpose/Re-new

In this age of reuse/renew/recycle, we at live-work-play  strive to incorporate renewable systems and reclaimed materials.   What does this mean? At the very basis, it means reusing your home!  Adding to, changing, repurposing your space.  Often older homes need system upgrades, and they were built at a time when people lived in their homes differently [...]

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Healthy Home Remodel

Remodeling!  At the end of the process, you have a beautiful, comfortable home.  How do we get there? Follow healthy home remodeling ideas: Before and during the design process, work with a health conscious architect and contractor.  Include aging in place ideas if that is appropriate for you.  Plan to use materials that have no [...]

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