What can you do?

Make a list of your priorities, values and goals, and send it when you contact us. This might include –

what is important to you about your space;
the changes or project you are thinking of;
your construction budget range;
your timeline.
An energy audit if we will be making changes to your existing space, so we know about your space’s baseline.

How can we help?

You love your neighborhood, and love your house, but would like to make some changes. Perhaps a new baby is on the way, and you need more space. Or, the house is compartmentalized and dark, and you would like to open the kitchen and living areas to each other and brighten your space. You love to cook and entertain, but the kitchen hinders instead of helps and you would like to renovate it. Maybe you need some kids-only or adults-only space. You would like your house to reflect your values and personality, and you need to change it.

You’ve probably thought about this for a while, and have some ideas written down. You may have a folder or binder with magazine images saved in it.

Perhaps, you would really love to add some color and texture, but need help knowing where to start and how to choose.

You would love your aging parents or adult children to live with you in a backyard cottage.

Or you have dreams for a new home in the city or outside of it.

We can help with all of this more.  We help people with new homes, backyard cottages, additions, remodels and more.

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    • “… what sets Sheri apart is that she prioritizes helping people. This comes out in how she creates amazing spaces for her clients. I highly recommend her.”