design process:  Look at the big dreams and values, create a vision and follow through on the details.

The details:

We talk on the phone and then meet in person to get to know each other, our values and the scope of the project. We then set up a series of steps to follow in the design process.

First, we establish the scope and program, next do site research, and then work on schematic design. We adjust the design as needed until we achieve a single schematic design.

Then, we speak with a couple of contractors so you can get to know them and we can make sure we are on budget. By this point, the owner may select a contractor, or wait until construction pricing to select one.

After schematic budgeting, we start the next phases of developing the design and obtaining a building permit. During permitting, we work on lighting, materials,  finishes and details.

At last, we have a construction set of drawings for construction pricing. Once pricing is completed, a start date is agreed on, and the contractor starts building the project.


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