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Healthy Home Remodel

Remodeling!  At the end of the process, you have a beautiful, comfortable home.  How do we get there?

Follow healthy home remodeling ideas:

Before and during the design process, work with a health conscious architect and contractor.  Include aging in place ideas if that is appropriate for you.  Plan to use materials that have no or low toxicity, including paint, glue, caulk, stain, clear coats, cabinets.  This includes hard floor surfaces everywhere since wall to wall carpet harbors dust and dirt and this is difficult to remove.  Consider a whole house ventilation system.  One easy solution is a spot ERV (energy recovery ventilator).

During construction, make sure the contractor provides containment barriers around the work area, plus floor mats going in and out of the work space.  While generating dust, the contractor should create a positive air flow so the dust exits the space as much as possible.  Debris should be handled appropriately, including any materials that may contain lead or asbestos.   Keep the work site and materials dry so they do not mold.  At the end, make sure there is a thorough cleaning.




After construction and cleaning, your daily care and maintenance is just as important as planning and construction.  Liberate your feet with a shoeless home!  Make sure there are door mats at each entrance.  Use a great vacuum often with a HEPA filter and keep it clean.  If you have a forced air heating system, clean the filters regularly.





At least twice a year, check gutters, downspouts to make sure they are clean and flowing.  Also check around the exterior and make sure there are no signs of water leaks at windows and doors, chimneys.  Repair any trouble spots as soon as possible.  Use low toxic cleaners like vinegar and water (although it cannot be used on stone)  and clean regularly.

You’ll have a lovely place to call home!!!  Feel free to contact us for more information.


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Join us at the Phinney Center Home Design & Remodel Fair January 26

It’s that time of year again!  Join us upstairs in Room 6 at the Phinney Center Home Design & Remodel Fair.

It is one day only, Sunday January 26th from 10 AM to 4 PM.

6532 Phinney Avenue North
Seattle, WA  98103

We enjoy meeting with you and talking about addition and remodel ideas, next steps and any questions you might come up with.

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Make a wish – A Design Wishlist

Potential clients come to us often with many creative ideas, as well as thoughts on what is currently not working in their home. The kitchen is too small; the bath is outdated; we need more space.

We ask clients a question in our first meeting: “When your project is completed, how would you like your new space to feel?”

This is a hugely important question. The answer helps us design a space that is tailored to you.  Envision your ideal space. Think about what current spaces make you most comfortable. Consider your lifestyle. What do you enjoy? What do you want your living environment to say about you? What is required to meet the needs of all family members?

Spend some time evaluating your personal priorities. Create your wish list with these in mind, whether you’re wishing for a new home, an addition or a remodel.

Note the feelings you’d like to convey in your home and collect your inspirational ideas. Perhaps you’ve discovered the book, “House as a Mirror of Self” by Clare Marcus; or you’ve assembled a scrapbook of ‘things you love’ with photos, swatches, and even images of gardens and vacation spots. Have you experimented with Houzz and enjoy their Ideabooks?

Express yourself, and think outside the box. You may want a ‘well-dressed’ home but you need to incorporate your personality along with creating comfort for real living.  Your design wish list should reflect your individuality. And remember, as in most things creative, real-life design takes time, so contact us for help.

When you’re ready, live-work-play is here to make your ‘wish list’ come true.

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